Population Health Colloquium 2014; compelling

I had a great time participating in the amazing work of the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers (CCHP) at their March 18, 2014 Clinical Champion Leadership Workshop.  The program is helping leaders of “hot-spotter” organizations of all shapes and sizes from around the country learn how to advocate for and advance the effectiveness of care models serving the most vulnerable populations.  For more information about that experience and the Camden Coalition click here.

I also had the great privilege of delivering the Keynote Closing address to the Population Health Colloquium on March 19.  It was a wonderful opportunity to tell the story of what my team at HQP has learned about designing models of effective advanced preventive care.  The principles and disciplined approach to health care delivery system design we’ve uncovered addresses the gap between traditional public health and primary care.  It could do much to improve our health system and the health of vulnerable populations.  Learn how HQP applies design principles (person-centeredness, population-relevance, and reliability) and operational domains (standards, staff training, participant education, data management and decision support, and analytics) to create effective models of advanced preventive care. Here’s a video clip of my keynote, generously provided by the CCHP:

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