Dawn of a New Era of Prevention: Musings of a researcher and practitioner of health system redesign

This site is a personal journal of sorts designed to help me log, share, and clarify ideas, and to keep a running chronology of publications, projects, research, and learning related to population health in general and the evolving concept of Advanced Preventive Care, in particular.  It will also serve to highlight and link to collaborative efforts that I’m either directly connected with or that strike me as noteworthy in this field.

We must put those we serve in the center of a redesigned system of care that can help them avoid preventable complications of chronic disease and stay well.  From a societal perspective, with respect to reducing human suffering and cost, this is especially critical for our most vulnerable populations.

My Collaborative Sandbox:

Despite the many challenges and turbulent environment in health care today, exciting work is occurring in dedicated teams and through creative collaborations, and organizations that are committed to improving our health and public health systems by developing more effective systems of prevention. Health Quality Partners (HQP), where I am privileged to work, designs and tests models of advanced preventive care and creates tools like the SPERO® software system to help implement and support them.

Collaborative partners that have greatly supported this work and have sought to advance this vision include Doylestown Health, Martin’s Point Health Care, and hMetrix.  Mary Naylor, PhD, RN, FAAN and the world-class research team she leads at the NewCourtland Center for Health and Transitions have been phenomenal partners in the journey to discover real answers to care model design challenges by applying the scientific method to our shared research efforts.  Other kindred spirits and catalysts include my friend, Jeff Brenner, MD, and the remarkable team at the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers with whom I am privileged to collaborate on the new National Center for Complex Health and Social Needs.  More great partnerships, friendships, and mentoring relationships are “brewing”.

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